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What Channel is Paramount on Spectrum

Do you want to know what Channel is Paramount on Spectrum? Do you know how to download movies from Paramount Plus? This guide will tell you the answers.

Part 1: Introduction

Paramount Network and Paramount Plus have similar names, but actually, they are different services. In this part, we will tell you the differences between them.

1. Paramount Network and Paramount Plus

Paramount Network and Paramount Plus are owned by the same parent organization. However, they are different. Paramount Network is a cable network service that is very popular and holds many viewers. It provides a wide variety of compelling live shows. You can stream its content on its app. Paramount Plus is a streaming service that offers content from different channels like MTV, CBS, Comedy Central and more. It provides more options to meet different preferences and tastes.

They also have different prices. Paramount Network costs from 5.99$ per month which is only for select on-demand content on Paramount Plus to approximately 50$ – 100$ per month. It varies based on channel numbers. Paramount Plus has different plans. Its essential plan (with ads) costs 5.99$ per month. Paramount+ with SHOWTIME (no ads) costs 11.99$ per month. Both of these two plans have a one-week free trial to enjoy the contents.

Paramount Plus

2. Are Paramount Network and Paramount Plus on Spectrum?

Is Paramount Network on Spectrum? Yes, Paramount Network is available on Spectrum. Spectrum provides an exclusive streaming service – Spectrum TV. Spectrum Internet subscribers can find the Paramount Network channel on Spectrum TV. Spectrum TV includes different subscription plans that contain different channels. You could choose the one that suits your tastes and budget. You need to choose the plan that includes Paramount Network to get it. The basic plan is 44.99$ per month, and includes over 125 channels. You can enjoy a wide range of contents. Is Paramount Plus on Spectrum? Paramount Plus doesn’t have a channel on Spectrum. But you can get Paramount Plus on Spectrum cable by opening its website on your TV.

Paramount Plus

Part 2: What Channel is Paramount Network on Spectrum?

The channel number of Paramount Network is different with different locations and subscription plans on Spectrum. You can ensure your local channel lineup first. We listed channels of Paramount Network on Spectrum below.
Los Angeles (channel 45 or 116)
San Diego (channel 38 or 116)
Anaheim (channel 66 or 116)
Long Beach (channel 53 or 753)
Bakersfield (channel 38 or 211)
Reno (channel 71 or 798)
Corpus Christi (channel 34 or 116)
San Antonio (channel 59 or 116)
Austin (channel 69 or 116)
El Paso (channel 36 or 116)
Dallas (channel 74 or 715)
Birmingham (channel 64 or 143)
Montgomery (channel 54 or 847)
Lexington (channel 44 or 141)
Louisville (channel 41 or 141)
Charlotte (channel 44 or 116)
Durham (channel 40 or 116)
Raleigh (channel 40 or 116)
Indianapolis (channel 24 or 143)
Milwaukee (channel 51 or 206)
Kansas City (channel 38 or 116)
Columbus (channel 13 or 27)
Cincinnati (channel 47 or 206)
Cleveland (channel 43 or 206)
New York (channel 36 or 116)
Albany (channel 55 or 116)
Buffalo (channel 40 or 116)
The channel number may change, you need to call customer support before payment.

Paramount Network

Part 3: How to Stream Paramount Network on Spectrum

It is easy to stream Paramount Network on Spectrum. You can install the Spectrum TV app on your device. Spectrum TV app is available on different devices, such as mobile, Smart TVs, or Apple TV. Downloading the app is free, but it doesn’t mean Paramount Network is free. You need to choose a subscription plan that includes this channel.

Paramount Plus

Step 1: Install the Spectrum TV app on your device: search Spectrum TV on the app store of your device. Install and open it.
Step 2: After opening it, sign in with your Spectrum TV account. Different subscription plans contain different numbers of channels. If you have subscribed a plan, you just need to enter the channel number.
Step 3: Enjoy the contents of Paramount Network on Spectrum.

Part 4: How to Download Movies from Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus offers a large number of movies. How to watch them without a subscription? There is the best Paramount Plus downloader for you – CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader. It could download TV shows and movies from Paramount Plus with simple clicks. What’s more, you can download the episodes you want. Here are the steps to download movies from Paramount Plus.

  • CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader
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Step 1: Download and install CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader

First, download and install CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader. CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader is a module of CleverGet.


Step 2: Set output directory

On the CleverGet home interface, you could click the three-dot icon and then click Settings to enter the Settings panel. In this panel, you could set the output directory under “Save Video To” and “Save Audio To” boxes. After the settings are finished, you can click the Save button to save the settings.


Step 3: Search for the target Paramount Plus video

You could click the Paramount Plus icon on the home interface, and then log in with your Paramount Plus account and password and search target video, or you could copy and paste the Paramount Plus video URL into the address bar directly to open, play, and download target video.


Step 4: Select Paramount Plus video and download

After entering the playback page, you could click the download icon, and then Paramount Plus Downloader could analyze the video URL. After CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader analyzes the video, it will pop up a Download interface, where you have many available download options, such as quality/resolution, frame rates, and sizes. You can see options for Output, Audio Tracks, and Subtitles setting below the video result panel. Choose the video, audio tracks, output format, and subtitles, and decide whether to remux subtitles into output video or not. Click the Download button to download Paramount Plus movies.


Step 5: Check the downloading process

There is a sidebar on the right side to show you the downloading progress. You can view the downloading progress and speed by clicking the Downloading tab.


Step 6: Check downloaded Paramount Plus videos

When downloading completes, it will open the downloaded panel to show you the results. You could click the Play button to play it or click Open Folder to locate the location of downloaded videos.


Is Paramount Plus free with Spectrum Cable?

No, Paramount Plus is not free with Spectrum Cable. If you are a subscriber of Paramount+ with the SHOWTIME network, you will get Paramount Plus without extra charge.

How do I watch Paramount Plus on my TV?

First, install and launch the Paramount Plus app, and then sign in with your account and password. Also, you could visit on your TV or other devices, and then sign in with your account. What’s more, you could download movies from Paramount Plus with CleverGet, and then watch them on your TV.

How do I get Paramount Plus for free?

You could get 7-day free trial of Paramount Plus for free to enjoy their contents.

How do I get Paramount Network for free?

It is impossible to get Paramount Network for free. If you want to watch the movies or TV series on Paramount Network, you could download and install their app on your device. You can subscribe to one plan that includes this channel, and then you can enjoy the contents.

Paramount Network vs. Paramount Plus, which is better?

Paramount Network and Paramount Plus have their advantages. If you like watching live TV, or you want to watch the Yellowstone series, you could choose Paramount Network. Paramount Plus is an on-demand streaming service. It is a large library of movies and TV shows. Paramount Plus is available on various devices. So, which is better depends on the service you want to get.


In this guide, you can learn the difference between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus, and what channel is Paramount Network on Spectrum. What’s more, we have told you how to stream the contents of Paramount Network on Spectrum, and how to download movies on Paramount Plus with CleverGet. CleverGet could not only download movies from Paramount Plus, but also download movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, MAX, Hulu, Discovery Plus, Twitch, and more. In addition, CleverGet could download 8K video and audio at 320 kbps with high quality. It also allows you to select episodes to download. You could download an entire season or all seasons. It is a comprehensive and powerful video downloader.


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