Coverall Online Video Downloader for 1000+ Sites

As all-inclusive online video downloader toolkit pack, CleverGet has multiple modules, including: Video Downloader, Netflix Downloader, Amazon Prime Downloader, MAX Downloader, Disney+ Downloader, Apple TV Plus Downloader, Hulu Downloader, Discovery+ Downloader, Twitch Downloader, Video Recorder, etc. With multiple downloader modules, CleverGet could download online videos, one-demand movies and TV shows, and live streams from 1000+ websites like Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Netflix, Amazon, Max, Disney+, Hulu, etc. With the internal Streaming Video Recorder module, CleverGet could record and save videos from those video sites that are not downloadable via its downloader modules, as long as the target video could be played back within CleverGet. Besides these existing modules, more online video downloader modules are on the way out.

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Video Downloader

Download Videos and Lives from YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

CleverGet supports 1:1 downloading online movies, TV shows, live streams, music videos and more from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and 1000+ video sharing websites at up to 8K video resolution.


YouTube Movies Downloader

Download Free Movies & Shows from Movies & TV Channel, and Members-only Videos

Download fre movies & free TV shows from YouTube Movies & TV channel, and members-only videos to 1080P MP4/MKV Files, with select subtitles and audio tracks.


YouTube to MP3 Converter

Download MP3 Audio from YouTube Videos in Batch and at High Audio Quality

Batch download YouTube playlist,channel and regular videos to MP3 audio files to as to listen to YouTube music offline without limitation.


Video Recorder

Record Any Playable On-demand Videos and Live Streams from All Video Sites

The ultimate online video downloading solution to download and record any playable regular videos, live streams and even protected videos to 1080P MP4/MKV files.


Amazon Downloader

Download Movies and TV Shows from Amazon Prime

Search and browse movie or TV show on Amazon Prime, then download Amazon Prime video to MP4/MKV files at up to 1080P resolution, with multiple subtitles and audio tracks downloadable.


Netflix Downloader

Download Movies and TV Shows from Netflix

Easily analyze and detect download options of Netflix movies and TV shows. Download movies and TV shows from Netflix for offline watching with subtitles and audio tracks selected to MP4/MKV files.


Apple TV+ Downloader

Download Apple TV+ Originals, TV Series, Movies, & Other Videos

Download and save Apple TV+ originals and other videos on-demand to MP4 or MKV files at high quality and speed. Watch Apple TV+ titles offline with desired subtitles and audio tracks, and free of ads.


Disney+ Downloader

Download Disney+ Movies/Shows at 1080P

Watching Disney+ movies and TV shows offline at 1080P resolution becomes easier. Choose the 1080P video option, check desired subtitles and audio tracks, determine output format, then download. That's it.


MAX Downloader

Download Max Movies and TV Shows to Watch Offline

Download Max movies or TV shows at up to 1080P resolution with all available subtitles and audio tracks for downloading. Watch movies/TV shows from Max on any MP4/MKV compatible devices offline.


Hulu Downloader

Download Hulu Titles with Multiple Subtitles and Audio Tracks

Hulu titles, including TV shows and movies, could be easily downloaded at up to 1080P quality in either MP4 or MKV files. Subtitles could be packed into output file or saved independently.


Crunchyroll Downloader

Download Crunchyroll anime videos and watch animes offline

Professional Crunchyroll video downloader tool to download anime videos from website at up to 1080P to MP4/MKV files with preferred subtitles and audio tracks.


Discovery+ Downloader

Download TV Series, Shows & VIdeos from Discovery+ at UP to 1080P

Professional Discovery Plus video downloader to download TV series, shows and other videos from at up to 1080P resolution with desired subtitles and audio tracks.


ESPN Plus Downloader

Download On-demand ESPN Plus Videos or Clips to 720P MP4/MKV

Download any on-demand ESPN Plus videos or clips at up to 720P resution and save in MP4/MKV files for unlimited playback on any media player and portable device for on-the-go enjoyment.


Fansly Downloader

Batch and Losslessly Download Fansly Videos to MP4/MKV Files at Up to 4K Quality

Download playable videos from Fansly website in batch to MP4/MKV files for unlimited offline playback. Support up to 4K video download.


OnlyFans Downloader

Download up to 720P videos from in batch

Specifically designed for OnlyFans video downloading. Download videos from at up to 720P to MP4 files for unlimited offline watching. Support batch OnlyFans video downloading.


Paramount+ Downloader

Download Movies, TV Shows, & Sports Shows from Paramount+

Download movies, TV shows, sports shows and even live TV from Paramount+ at up to 1080P resolution to MKV/MP4 files with selected subtitles and audio tracks for unlimited offline watching.


Twitch Downloader

Download Live Streams and Broadcasts from Twitch

Featuring Twitch Downloader, CleverGet can download up to 4K Twitch live streams and past broadcast at up to 60fps with original quality and resolution. Download and save Twitch videos/clips/lives to MP4/WEBM files.


MPD Downloader

Watch DRM-protected MPD Videos from DASH MPD Streaming Sites Offline Freely

Download DRM-protected MPD videos from DASH MPD streaming sites to Up to 1080P MP4/MKV offline files without ads and quality loss.


M3U8 Downloader

Batch Download DRM-protected on-demand Videos from Various HLS Sites

Download On-demand M3U8 Video Protected by DRM Encryption from HLS Streaming Websites to MP4/MKV at Up to 1080P with Ads Removed.


ABEMA Downloader

Download HD Videos for Ads-free Offline Watching

Download HD videos at up to 1080P quality, save HD videos to MP4/MKV files, and remove ads from HD videos for unlimited ads-free offline watching.


DMM Downloader

Download DMM TV Videos at up to 1080P Resolution

Download and convert videos from TV.DMM.COM website to 1080P/720P MP4/MKV files. Watch DMM TV videos offline on any MP4/MKV compatible device at will.


FANZA Downloader

Download Videos from FANZA TV at up to 4K Resolution

The best FANZA video downloader to download videos from FANZA TV and other FANZA sections at up to 4K resolution, and convert FANZA videos to MP4/MKV files for unlimited offline watching.


FOD Downloader

DOWNLOAD up to 1080P videos from

With FOD Downloader module, CleverGet helps log into, play and watch videos, detect and download FOD videos at up to 1080P resolution for unlimited offline watching.


MGS Downloader

Download and Watch MGStage Videos offline in 1080P MP4/MKV

Download and save MGStage videos in up to 1080P MP4/MKV file for playback on various media players and devices offline. The ever best MGStage video downloader available in the market.


MyFans Downloader

Best MyFans Video Downloader to Batch Download AnyFans Videos

Download any free single MyFans videos and subscribed videos or even MyFans channel in batch from website to 1080P MP4/MKV files.


NHK+ Downloader

Download NHK+ VODs at High Quality for Offline Watching

Download VODS including movies, TV shows and other videos from to save in either MP4 or MKV files at high quality. Watch NHK+ videos offline with desired subtitles and audio tracks.


Rakuten TV Downloader

Download and Save Rakuten Videos at 720P MP4/MKV

Exclusively designed for Rakuten video downloading. Download videos from website to 720p MP4/MKV files at high speed. Download single episode or entire season at will.


TVer Downloader

Download single on-demand TV Episodes or Entire Season from TVer

Download any on-demand TV episode or entire TV season from to MP4/MKV at Up to 1080P resolution and high speed for ads-free offline watching.


TwitCasting Downloader


Search and watch TwitCasting videos, batch download TwitCasting Lives and video clips to HD MP4 files for unlimited offline playback at high speed.


U-NEXT Downloader


Similar to other CleverGet modules, the U-NEXT Downloader could download cartoons, movies and other videos from at up to 1080P resolution to MP4/MKV files, with selected subtitles and audio tracks.


TVING Downloader

Download HD Videos with Selected Subtitles

Download TVING TV programs, films, Paramount+ videos, and other on-demand videos to MP4/MKV files with up to 1080P quality with selected subtitles and audio tracks.


WATCHA Downloader

Download 1080P HD WATCHA Videos to MP4/MKV at High Speed

Download up to 1080P HD WATCHA TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Entertainment and other videos to MP4/MKV files for unlimited offline watching.


Crackle Downloader

Download movies and TV shows from Crackle easily

Log into, play and watch movies/TV shows, detect and download movies/TV shows at up to 1080P resolution from Crackle website. Support multi-downloading at the same time.


CTV Downloader

Download CTV Videos to 720P HDMP4/MKV Files with Caption and Audio Tracks

Download any type of on-demand videos from including movies, TV shows, and videos from various CTV Channels, with selected caption and audio track.


CW Downloader

Download Shows from CWTV.COM for Ads-free offline watching

Download and save TV shows from at up to 1080P resolution with desired subtitles and audio tracks to MP4/MKV files for offline ads-free watching.


Funimation Downloader

Watch Funimation Animes Offline Without Adds and Limitations

Download anime videos and TV series from in 1080P MP4/MKV with selected subtitles for unlimited offline ads-free watching.


Pluto Downloader

Download, save and watch On-Demand Movies/Shows offline freely

Download and save On-demand movies/shows from to MP4/MKV files at up to 1080P quality with selected subtitles and audio tracks.


Roku Channel Downloader

Download On-demand Roku Channel TV Shows, Movies and Other Videos

Download on-demand TV shows, movies and other videos from to MP4/MKV files with selected subtitles and audio tracks for unlimited ads-free offline watching.


Sling Downloader

Download On-demand Videos from Sling TV to 1080P MP4/MKV Files without Quality Loss

Download on-demand movies and TV shows from Sling TV at up to 1080P resolution in MP4/MKV format in batch for ads-free offline watching.


Tubi Downloader

Download Tubi Movies, TV Series with 720P Quality to MP4/MKV

The best TubiTV video downloader to download movies and TV series from with subtitles and audio tracks to 720P MP4/MKV files for unlimited offline watching.


ARD Downloader

Download ARD Mediathek Videos in Batch to 1080P MP4/MKV Files with Subtitles and Tracks

Download ARD Mediathek films, TV series, news, documantries, sports, and other on-demand videos to 1080P MP4/MKV files for offline watching.


ARTE Downloader

Download and Watch ARTE Videos for Ads-free Offline Watching

Download TV series, films, concerts and other type of videos from ARTE Media Library to up to 1080P MP4/MKV files for unlimited ads-free offline watching.


Joyn Downloader

Download On-demand Joyn TV Series, Films, & Sports Videos

Download on-demand TV series, films, sports videos and other videos from website at up to 1080P quality and with desired subtitles and audio tracks. Get rid of popup ads easily.


ZDF Downloader

Download Videos from ZDF Media Library to 1080P FHD MP4/MKV Files

Download ZDF videos of any type, including movies, TV series, news, sports and other on-demand video contents from ZDF media library to 1080P MP4/MKV files.


Lossless 8K Video and 320 kbps Audio Downloading

CleverGet could download 8K videos with 320 kbps audio as long as they are available in source videos. Compared to various online video downloaders and video downloader software tools, CleverGet is almost the sole tool that can download 8K video and audio at 320 kbps without quality loss. This HD video downloader tool helps you easily and freely watch HD videos with your own home theatre system.

Download TV Series Episodes of All/Certain Seasons

With powerful online video parsing function, this online TV show downloader could smartly parse a TV show episode and then detect full season or even all seasons of current TV episode. After parsing a single TV show episode, this online TV series downloader could list all episodes from the same season or even all seasons to you. With this online stream video downloader, you could download current episode, selected episodes from various seasons, entire season or even all seasons in batch.


Download Online Videos to MP4/MKV/WEBM

While most portable media players and devices accept MP4 files, CleverGet won't let you down. Offering different downloading options, CleverGet enables you to download online videos to MP4, MKV, WEBM or other available popular formats for diverse uses. You could even download online videos and save in audio formats. Watching online movies, TV shows and other videos offline on various MP4 compatible devices is a simple run with CleverGet.

Record Streaming Video from Almost All Sites to 1080P MP4/MKV in Background

With multiple streaming video downloader modules, CleverGet helps you easily and directly download videos from corresponding websites. For those sites that are not supported by these video downloader modules, CleverGet offers you Streaming Video Recorder module, a professional online streaming recorder software tool that could download online videos from almost all sites by recording. CleverGet Streaming Video Recorder could record streaming videos to up to 1080P MP4/MKV files from almost all sites, with subtitle and audio track you have chosen before recording. The entire streaming video recording process runs in the background with a recording projector for you to stop/restart recording, schedule recording by setting recording duration, etc. It could even record DRM protected videos. By recording streaming video to MP4 files, you could freely watch any streaming videos offline on any player and device.

Record Streaming Video
Save Online Video

Save Online Video with Selected Subtitle and Audio Track

No matter you are using the internal video downloader modules or the streaming video recorder module, CleverGet enables you to download or record online videos with selected subtitle and audio track. The streaming video downloader modules could download multiple subtitles and audio tracks upon your choice, and save subtitles as independent SRT/SUP file as external subtitle or pack into output videos as internal subtitle. The streaming video recorder module records subtitle and audio track and pack into output recording as a whole. Watch online videos offline in desired language.

Convenient Built-in Browser

CleverGet is firstly a browser that enables you to open target streaming platform directly, and then search, play back and download online video easily. Theoretically, CleverGet could download online videos, live streams and even paid content during playback. This stream video downloader could analyze target video page and list all available download options to you. You don't need to get the M3U8 links of live streaming videos for downloading, and neither will you be blocked by the video protections for downloading. CleverGet does all these for you.


Important Bonus Features


Batch Processing

Multiple downloading tasks are processed in batches at the same time.


Playlist and Channel Downloading

Support to download the all videos on YouTube playlist or channel.


Remove Ads from Video

Ads from source videos are removed automatically for undisturbed viewing.


Save Metadata Info

Metadata information is well-preserved for future management.

How does it work


Play back target video within CleverGet


Command CleverGet to parse or record


Choose download options or recording settings


Start downloading or recording video

Visit User Guide

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Note: Make sure you have accessed to the playback page of target video within CleverGet for downloading.

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System requirements

Supported OS: Microsoft® Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 (64bit)
Processor: 1 GHz or above Intel/AMD Processor
RAM: 512MB RAM (1024MB or above recommended)
Free Hard Disk Space Required: 5GB+

Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and above

For CleverGet Amazon Downloader: GeFore GTX 900 Series & above, Gefore GTX 900M Series (Notebooks) & above, Radeon RX 500 Series & above, Radeon RX 5000M Series & above


Supported Video Sharing Websites:, Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, MySpace, MSN, Veoh, VideoBash, LiveLeak, MyVideo, FunnyOrDie, Nico Video, and 1000+ other video sharing sites. More>>

Supported Output Video formats: MP4, MKV, WEBM, 3GP
Supported Output Audio formats: WEBM, M4A

Supported Output Subtitle formats: SRT, SUP

Fair Use Policy: CleverGet only allows video downloading for personal needs. Sharing content downloaded with CleverGet with any third party or for business purpose is strictly not allowed.


I really love this great video downloader! Downloading online videos and TV shows is a breeze. Thank you, CleverGet team.

Cherish Sarina


All videos are downloaded with original quality retained and had a crazy movie night. This tool is wonderful.

Peggy Sherilyn


What amazes me most is that it can even download up to 8K video and almost all popular sites for video are supported.

Kailee Addison



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