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Is Gogoanime Safe? How to Use Gogoanime Safely


    Is Gogoganime safe? How to use Gogoanime safely? Gogoanime is one of the most best sites for watching anime online for free. Some of you may wonder if Gogoanime is safe. Keep reading to learn how to use Gogoanime safely.

Gogoanime is deemed as one of the best free anime streaming websites. This site hosts an exceptionally massive library of indexes that practically involve all anime genres. It updates fast and most of the popular and latest anime series and movies are available. Gogoanime definitely deserves a visit as it offers your preferred high-quality anime of various types like dubbed anime, subbed anime, Japanese anime, etc. However, a lot of piracy websites springing up for coveting the popularity of Gogoanime lead some deep confusion and mistrust to the website. Some questions like “Is Gogoanime safe”, “Is Gogoanime down”, or “Is Gogoanime legal” are emerging. You can find all the answers in this post and find more fun in watching and downloading anime on the real Gogoanime.

Part 1: Is Gogoanime Down? Which is Real Gogoanime Website?

Gogoanime is a fairly fantastic website for anime fans. But there is still annoying fact that Gogoanime may be not accessible sometimes due to many reasons. For instance, you have no access to Gogoanime when the site is regularly maintained or occasionally overloaded. Nonetheless, the real Gogoanime website is still actively running. Some are wondering which is real Gogoanime website. As a matter of fact, there are a myriad of pirated websites that are named Gogoanime, but they all have different domain extensions, which are potentially not safe. On this occasion, you have to make sure that you are visiting the right website. These are official Gogoanime domain:


Part 2: Is Gogoanime Safe?

Gogoanime is increasingly popular because of its free and fast-updating anime, but is Gogoanime safe? Well, it depends, actually. Generally speaking, it is safe to use the real Gogoanime to watch your preferred or the latest anime series and movies. There is a drawback that annoying ads pop up at almost all times. Fortunately, you can resort to Ad Blocker, an ad blocking browser extension for popular web browsers, to block the pop-up ads. Nevertheless, there are some potential risks when using Gogoanime.


Part 3: Is Gogoanime Legal to Use?

As one of the most-visited sites, Gogoanime provides a huge collection of dubbed and subbed anime series and movies for free. It is an amazing and fascinating option for anime fans around the world to watch anime online or download for offline watching on this site. However, the security and legality of Gogoanime also concern anime fans to a large extent. As mentioned above, there are some potential risks of Gogoanime for young kids but it is basically safe if you take adequate measures.


When talking about the legality of Gogoanime, it is another big concern. Is Gogoanime legal to use, then? Practically, the site is not entirely legit. It depends on the content the site provided and the source of the content. For some reason, Gogoanime does not host any files on its servers. All content on Gogoanime is provided by third parties who are not affiliated with this site. If the content is free on other platforms, it is legal to watch on Gogoanime. Instead, the content would be very likely pirated. It basically depends on the laws of the region.

Part 4: How to Watch on Gogoanime Safely?

If you are caring about the network safety while watching or downloading anime, you would be wondering whether you can watch on Gogoanime safely. There are some measures you can take to watch on Gogoanime in security.

1. VPN

Some reliable VPN services are helpful for watching anime on Gogoanime in safety. The Virtual Private Network, short for VPN is an encrypted connection over the Internet from a device to a network. VPNs can hide your IP address and help you access websites that are banned in your region. Besides, a VPN can keep you from being tracked so that you can watch anime on Gogoanime with safety.


2. Web Proxy

A web proxy is one of the best options for secure and anonymous internet browsing. It is similar to VPN that can hide your IP address from the websites you are visiting. Using a web proxy, you can surf anonymously online and your online privacy will be protected. On this occasion, you can use web Proxy to access Gogoanime safely.


Part 5: How to Safely Download Videos from Gogoanime Without Ads?

Obviously, ads would be fairly annoying while you download anime videos on Gogoanime. It is necessary to resort to CleverGet Video Downloader to safely download videos from Gogoanime with no ads.

CleverGet Video Downloader is an excellent download tool that can download TV shows, live stream videos and music videos for offline enjoyment anywhere and anytime. Videos from more than 1000 websites could be downloaded, including sought-after social medias like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and the majority of popular video streaming sites. It is so powerful and helps you download videos ranging from 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and up to 8K UHD with 320 Kbps audio quality. You’re able to easily download a maximum of 5 videos at the same time. All downloads have no quality loss and no ads. Downloading videos with CleverGet is simple and straightforward. Follow the steps below, you can safely download videos from Gogoanime without ads.

Step 1. Download and install CleverGet

Click the download link and download the compatible installation package of CleverGet for free. Then, install it on your computer.

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Step 2. Change default settings

Before you start downloading anime video from Gogoanime, you can necessarily change the default settings. Click the three-dots icon in the top right corner and then select “Settings” to open the detailed settings panel. Then, you are able to change the UI language, appearance, output directory and other settings available. Finally, remember to click “Save” button.


Step 3. Visit anime video from Gogoanime

Copy and paste the target anime URL in the address bar and press “Enter” to open the video page, CleverGet will analyze the URL automatically. In addition, you can also visit the homepage of Gogoanime to stream the anime you like or search the episode on the site.


Step 4. Download anime video on Gogoanime

CleverGet will detect all downloadable sources fast, and then list all available options on the pop-up download panel. You can check the formats, sizes and resolutions of the options, and select the preferred option. Click “Download” button to start downloading the video.


Under the downloading tab, you can check the video you are currently downloading, stop or end the task if necessary. Once the downloading process is complete, you can check the downloaded anime video under the video tab. You can double-click the video to play it and click “Open Folder” to locate it.

Fair Use Policy

    CleverGet allows video downloading for personal needs only. Sharing content downloaded by CleverGet with any third party or for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

In this way, you could download anime from Gogoanime at ease for offline watching. It is definitely safe to download Gogoanime anime with CleverGet Video Downloader. With this downloader, you can download anime videos from a number of video-sharing platforms in various formats such as MP4, MKV, WEBM and 3GP. What’s worth noting is that CleverGet only allows video downloading for personal use. Anyway, it is the best way to help you safely download videos from Gogoanime.


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