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12 Best Mukbang YouTube Channels to Follow Now

Do you know what is mukbang? If you haven’t heard about it or just heard that there is a new word mukbang, this page would be helpful to you. Here we would like to introduce you with what is Mukbang, where to watch mukbang videos, and solutions to watch Mukbang videos without limitation.

Part 1: What is Mukbang?

Firstly, what is Mukbang? How long has mukbang appeared in the world? Why do people always watch Mukbang videos? What is the reason for Mukbang’s popularity?

Mukbang is actually a Korean portmanteau word that is consisting of “meokda”, which means eat, and “bangsong”, which means broadcast. These 2 words were combined into one Internet word meokbang, which finally becomes Mukbang in English. A mukbang or meokbang (Korean: 먹방), also known as an eating show, is an online audiovisual broadcast in which a host consumes various quantities of food while interacting with the audience.

Mukbang is usually defined as a live-streamed eating show where the host binge-eats. But it can be more than that. Sometimes, the host cooks the food on camera first, then eats it. Some videos feature noisy sound effects and descriptions of the food, while other videos show the host eating quietly. They almost always show the host throwing down food like it’s a food-eating contest. But sometimes they only eat something small and delicious. It is usually live-streamed on a Korean platform called AfreecaTV. Viewers can leave comments in real-time and encourage the host to eat more or mix it with something else. But it’s since migrated to other video and streaming platforms, like YouTube. There you’ll find Mukbangers all over the world who have uploaded videos instead of sharing live.

Part 2: 12 Best Mukbang YouTube Channels to Follow Now

Ever since the Mukbang migrated to the entire planet, many Mukbangers have uploaded and shared their mukbang videos to YouTube, one of the most popular and largest online video-sharing platforms. Now you could get quite a lot of Mukbang YouTube channels to follow for their latest Mukbang videos. Here we have collected the 12 best Mukbang YouTube channels for you.

1. MommyTang

MommyTang is no different when it comes to the casual sit-down eating videos other than being plant-based. Her videos showcase the side of veganism that most people don’t understand, the side that allows you to still gorge on fast food and other comfort foods. Her videos are very personable as she often tells stories from her past experiences and even has her kids and friends make frequent appearances.

2. Eat with Boki

Boki is well known to have a lovely face, and an abnormally huge mouth because her videos boast BIG portions of food, and more importantly, BIG bites. She even has compilations of her BIG bites, and it’s honestly pretty impressive. She did have a controversy due to unethical advertising and potentially spitting/throwing up her food, but it looks like the past is behind her because she is constantly posting, which is good news for fans and viewers!


Think of DONA as the Queen of mukbang/ASMR/food challenge for kids! They do various videos from food challenges to mukbang of interesting spicy foods like Cheetos Chicken and spicy mushrooms. Their NIK-L-NIP Wax Bottle Mukbang video has over 245 million views alone! You can count on three things with their videos: funny voices, snacks full of color, and all shapes and sizes. It is no wonder why they can attract so many children! In addition, they are very funny and bring a lot of humor to their videos.

4. UnCool Dave

UnCool Dave ASMR is a YouTube channel that offers a unique perspective on Mukbang and ASMR. His channel includes eating shows and videos of him eating spicy food from all over the world, including lots of Chinese spicy dishes. He also enjoys talking to his viewers during his videos, providing insight into a variety of Chinese food cultures. His channel is the perfect place to explore the world of ASMR and spicy food!

5. Tzuyang

Tzuyang is well known for her abnormally huge stomach size, and the amount of food she is able to eat. Considering her small and petite body, it is safe to say the amount of food she eats is CRAZY. She thanks her digestive system, which she considers to be very blessed and unusually big.

6. Matt Stonie

Stonie uploaded his first YouTube video on June 21, 2010, in which he eats a 6 lb pizza in 18 minutes and 5 seconds. His most popular videos have been noticed by well-known celebrities such as Bam Margera, Waka Flocka Flame, and Cheech & Chong, who have featured the videos on their websites. As of September 2019, he has over 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Stonie’s YouTube videos have amassed more than 2 billion views, with his most viewed video having been viewed over 72 million times.

7. Jane ASMR

Jane is the top Korean ASMR star on social media. Her ASMR relaxation vlogs have gotten her over 8.4 million subscribers. She started back in 2012, and like Hongyu, she does not speak or show her face. A vast majority of her content revolves around candies and snacks. Her rainbow crepe cake video has over 110 million views to date. These ASMR videos are so popular because a huge subsection of the human population experiences the same kind of highly relaxing brain tingles. Therefore, many use these videos to help them relax or fall asleep.

8. Bloveslife

Bloveslife YouTube channel is a popular family-oriented channel run by a father-daughter duo, providing funny, educational, and entertaining content such as Mukbang, Seafood Boil, and Taste Test videos. Mukbangs and Seafood Boils on the channel are always engaging and fun to watch, adding to family bonding time during meals, with an added twist of kid and family-filled Eat With Me videos. Bloveslife’s videos offer an enjoyable and delightful experience to viewers through its creative and delicious content.

9. Hamzy

Hamzy was reported to be the Mukbang YouTuber that makes the most money in South Korea. She has received attention mainly because she often eats food that is commonly eaten in Korea, and she hosts the show as almost a reality mukbang show. She also recently received positive attention from the Korean public when she made statements about the falsely advertised origin of kimchi on Google.

10. Erik TheElectric

Erik TheElectric takes challenges to the extreme such as elevating the original “10,000 calorie challenge” to 50,000 calories. You might find these kinds of videos a little hard to digest since you might be sick just watching the consumption of so much food.


Those that love spicy food and loud AMSR-style eating sound will love SULGI. She is also very active on TikTok and Instagram, but mainly she is known for her Youtube videos. It is amazing to see her rapid growth, as she only started doing YouTube in 2019. Her video of ASMR for spicy convenience store food, like spicy Korean noodles, now has over 149 million views on YouTube! In addition, her video on eating spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) has 140 million views.


SIO ASMR is a YouTube channel featuring mukbang and ASMR videos focusing on street food and cooking with chili peppers. The channel showcases cooking tutorials and tons of delicious recipes from around the globe. Through these videos, you can learn not only to cook dishes but also to appreciate the beauty and flavors of different cuisines. Plus, you get to enjoy the mouthwatering combination of mukbang and ASMR. Enjoy your food journey now!

Part 3: How to Download Food ASMR/Mukbang Videos from YouTube

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Step 2: Play back the mukbang video

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Step 3: Choose download options

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