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Full Review of Acorn TV – Best Shows on Acorn TV

If you are a British mystery and crime dramas fan, you must not miss out on a streaming service called Acorn TV. But there’s much more to that on this platform. In this post, you will find everything you need to know about the streaming service, including pricing, subscription details, and several ongoing best shows on Acorn TV.

Part 1: What Is Acorn TV & What’s on It?

acorn tv

First launched in the UK in 2020, Acorn TV is a paid, ad-free subscription streaming service that offers TV shows and movies of different genres from the UK and beyond. On this platform, you can stream classic & trending world-class mysteries, dramas, documentaries, comedies, and Acorn TV originals. In addition, it provides licensed content from producers and distributors such as Channel 4, BBC Studios, and ITV. With a subscription to Acorn TV, you can view all the content on a web browser or the Acorn TV app on your TV or mobile device.
On Acorn TV, there is a diverse range of offerings of top-notch programs: must-watch classic TV shows such as “Foyle’s War”, “Inspector George Gently” and “Doc Martin”; Acorn TV’s original content and exclusive shows including “Harry Wild”, “Murdoch Mysteries”, and “The Truth”. And the list goes on. From intriguing mysteries to heartwarming dramas, Acorn TV continuously delivers high-quality content, which makes it a go-to hub for TV fanatics.

Part 2: Best Shows on Acorn TV by Now

Acorn TV has so much to offer on mystery crime and many other genres. From such an extensive library of TV series, we tracked down the five best Acorn TV shows available to stream at the moment. They are perfect for an unmatched television viewing experience, no matter whether you are a fan of mysteries or simply watching to kill time. Here is an introduction to each show.

1. Harry Wild

Category: Mystery, Drama
Number of seasons: 3
Harry Wild is a captivating mystery drama series only available on Acorn TV. The series centers around Harriet “Harry” Wild (Jane Seymour), a recently retired English professor. After being mugged, Harry stays at her son’s house to recuperate. Her son Charlie (Kevin Ryan), is a detective, and Harry becomes intrigued by one of his cases and decides to solve the crime herself. Recruiting a young sidekick (Rohan Nedd), Harry finds a new path as a private investigator.

acorn tv

2. Darby & Joan

Category: Mystery, Drama
Number of seasons: 1
Darby & Joan is an engaging and heartwarming Australian mystery drama series that brings together an unlikely pair on a journey of self-discovery and crime-solving. The series follows two strangers, Widowed English nurse Joan Kirkhope (Greta Scacchi) who is looking into her husband’s mysterious death, and a retired Australian police officer Jack Darby (Bryan Brown). But when they meet each other and are drawn into a series of mysteries, this investigative duo soon realizes the biggest puzzle they face is each other.

acorn tv

3. Midsomer Murders

Category: Crime, Mystery, Drama
Number of seasons: 24
Midsomer Murders is a classic British television series known for its intriguing plots, stunning scenes, and unique characters. First broadcast in 1997, Midsomer Murders has become a beloved staple of British television. The series is set in Midsomer, a fictional English county, where DCI Tom Barnaby and John Barnaby tackle a series of complex murders. Each episode features a new crime, so you can start with whatever episode you want.

acorn tv

4. My Life is Murder

Category: Crime, Mystery, Drama, Comedy
Number of seasons: 4
My Life is Murder is an Australian crime drama series that follows the adventures of fearless private investigator Alexa Crowe (Lucy Lawless), who solves crimes and copes with the unexpected situations of everyday life. The reason why it stood out amongst Acorn TV’s extensive mystery series is that Lawless’s performance has brought much fun chemistry to the whole show.

acorn tv

5. Whitstable Pearl

Category: Crime, Mystery, Drama
Number of seasons: 2
Whitstable Pearl is a mystery drama series that combines seaside charm with intriguing crime-solving adventures. Pearl Nolan (Kerry Godliman), a former police officer, pursues her lifelong dream and starts a private detective agency in the coastal town of Whitstable. Drawn by her keen observational skills, the locals soon come to her with all kinds of cases. With a friend’s sudden death, Pearl finds herself in conflict with a DCI, Mike McGuire.

acorn tv

Part 3: How to Download Acorn TV Shows for Offline Viewing

In addition to its extensive selection of brilliant TV shows, Acorn TV offers the option to download some of the titles on its streaming app for offline viewing. To download videos, you need first to install the app on an iOS or Android device and subscribe to the Acorn TV membership plan. Here’s a guide on how to download an Acorn TV show through the app:
Step 1. Open the Acorn TV app. Tap on a TV show or movie. If it can be downloaded, you will find the Downloads icon. Tap the icon to download the title.

acorn tv

Step 2. Tap “View My Downloads”. Select the title and hit Play to watch online.

acorn tv

However, not all content on Acorn TV is available for download. The downloaded TV shows and movies will expire after some time, and some of them even have a limit on the times they can be downloaded per year. If you want to save the videos for good and rewatch them whenever you want, one ideal alternative is CleverGet Video Downloader.

As one of the best video downloaders on the market, CleverGet Video Downloader allows you to download episodes and movies on Acorn TV and other 1000+ websites like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo, and Instagram, even on adult sites like Pornhub, xHamster, XNXX, MissAV and more. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download titles using CleverGet Video Downloader:

Step 1. Download CleverGet Video Downloader

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Step 2. Locate the target Acorn TV video URL
Copy and paste the Acorn TV video link in the address bar and access the link. Hit play on the video page.

acorn tv

Step 3. Choose download options and download the video
Click the download icon to access the download output settings. Select a preferred video quality and format and click "Download" to download the video.

acorn tv

Part 4: FAQs

Can I get Acorn TV on Netflix?

The answer is no. At the moment, Acorn TV is not available on Netflix. There are still many other platforms for accessing Acorn TV such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Roku.

Is Acorn TV free on Amazon Prime?

The answer is no. Amazon Prime Video offers a 14-day free trial for new Acorn TV add-on subscription. After the trial, the subscription charges £4.99 per month on Amazon, which is the same if you subscribe to Acorn TV monthly plan at If you prefer to limit the places where you enter your credit card for safety reasons, you may consider subscribing via Amazon.

How to Cancel Acorn TV?

To successfully cancel your Acorn TV subscription, please follow the instructions below.
Suppose you signed up via Acorn:
You will need to cancel through a web browser on a computer or tablet, or via the mobile web on a smartphone. Currently, you cannot cancel your membership in the Acorn TV app.
Step 1. Click “My Acorn TV” in the top right-hand corner of Acorn.
Step 2. Click the Manage Account section and then the option to Cancel Membership on the left side.
Step 3. Confirm the cancellation by clicking “cancel Acorn TV”.

If you signed up for Acorn TV through a third-party platform such as Google Play, Roku, or Amazon Prime:
You will need to access the account settings in the third-party platform to cancel your Acorn TV subscription. Acorn TV does not have access to your third-party platform account.
Similarly, if you signed up with a cable provider, you will need to sign in to the corresponding provider to cancel your Acorn TV membership as well.

How to Get Acorn TV for Free?

Acorn TV offers a free trial to new users. If you are a new customer of Acorn TV, you may sign up for a free 14-day trial at In addition, you can get a 14-day free trial at Acorn TV on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

How much does Acorn TV cost?

Acorn TV offers a free 14-day trial to new users. After the trial, the Acorn TV subscription costs £4.99/month or £49.99/year.


This article delves into Acorn TV, a British streaming service that provides an extensive selection of brilliant crimes, mysteries, and detective series. For ardent fans of crime dramas, Acorn TV is a must-watch platform. In addition to that, it offers many classic and trending shows such as Killing Eve, making it widely popular among TV fans. Among the library of Acorn TV, the five best shows on Acorn TV are listed for your options. If you’d like to download and enjoy the TV shows on the go, CleverGet Video Downloader is the go-to solution.


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