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Does Tubi Have Ads? – How to Watch Tubi Without Ads

If you are a regular user of the Tubi streaming service and like watching free movies and shows then you must have noticed the ads that pop up before and during the videos. Although it is what allows Tubi to provide such an extensive library of on-demand videos for free, however, sometimes it can be frustrating to have ads that interrupt you’re watching time. Wouldn’t it be great if one could block the commercials and have Tubi without those interruptions? This article will provide an overview of the downloaders that make this possible. We’ll explain the simple setup process so, you’ll finally be able to watch all your favorite shows and movies on Tubi without commercial breaks getting in the way.

does tubi have ads

Part 1: Does Tubi Have Ads?

does tubi have ads

Since Tubi hosts a diverse content library with millions of users streaming their preferred shows and movies without having to pay any fees for the service, Tubi generates revenue mainly from advertising. From the information provided by Tubi, it is clear that all the videos watched through the official application and website will contain advertisements.

Advertisements can be seen before and during the airing of motion pictures and television programs on Tubi. Ad intervals usually take one to two minutes and in most cases, they come every 15 minutes in every 30 minutes of viewing time. On average, it totals as 4-8 minutes of advertisement per hour of viewed content.

Unlike subscription video-on-demand services, Tubi does not offer any option to watch videos without ads. Promotional ads are a necessity for Tubi to be able to license thousands of televisions and films without requiring users to pay monthly or annually.

Part 2: Is Tubi Safe?

does tubi have ads

Tubi can be considered a safe platform to use since it does not require creating an account or providing any personal financial details. All viewing activity is done anonymously without tracking or collecting identifiers about individual users. This helps avoid privacy and data security risks associated with services that tie streaming to profiles. Tubi also carefully screens the advertisements shown to ensure inappropriate or malicious ads are not distributed.

The content on the platform is assigned age-based ratings and categories to allow parents to filter mature videos away from children’s profiles. When streaming videos, data is transmitted securely using HTTPS encryption over the internet. As long as viewers use only the official Tubi apps and websites for watching content, there are limited risks involved. While no online activity can be completely guaranteed safe, Tubi’s model of anonymity, screened ads and encrypted streaming makes casual content enjoyment a reasonably secure experience for users.

Part 3: Best Tubi Downloader to Download Tubi Videos with No Ads

As we covered earlier, ads are understandably shown during video playback on Tubi to cover costs. However frequent commercial breaks can disrupt the viewing flow and enjoyment of movies or episodes. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch your favorite Tubi content without these interrupting promos?

Thankfully there comes one of the best Tubi Downloaders to the rescue. CleverGet Tubi Downloader allows downloading any Tubi video directly from the platform to your computer without the annoying interruption of ads.

  • CleverGet Tubi Downloader
  • CleverGet Tubi Downloader

    – Download 720P HD videos without quality loss.
    – Support to download TV series episodes of all/certain seasons in batches.
    – Download online video to MP4/MKV files.
    – Save desired multi-language audio tracks and subtitles.
    – Pack captions into output video file, or save captions as independent SRT/SUP files.
    – easy-to-use UI.

Once videos are saved to your device, you can watch them anytime completely commercial-free. The downloader lets save files in high-quality MP4 or MKV format up to 720p. Entire TV seasons can be downloaded quickly in one batch too.

Best of all, you get to pick audio language and subtitles. Captions are saved with the video or as separate subtitle files, whichever is preferred. Now you control how you experience your Tubi entertainment without limitations.

Give it a try! CleverGet makes it effortless to download your favorite movies and shows from Tubi for later ad-free viewing whenever you like, both on or offline. If you want to download through this downloader, follow the below steps;

Step 1: Download CleverGet

First, download and install the CleverGet Tubi downloader on your computer. It’s available for both Windows and Mac.

does tubi have ads

Step 2: Play Your Tubi Video

Open in CleverGet and play the video you want to download. You can even log in to your Tubi account.

does tubi have ads

Step 3: Start Downloading

Once the video is playing, you’ll see a download icon in CleverGet. Click it to start parsing the video URL. CleverGet will then show you all the available download options. Choose your preferred format, subtitles, and audio track, and click "Download."

does tubi have ads

Step 4: Track Your Download

You’ll see the download progress in the sidebar. You can cancel or delete the download at any time.

does tubi have ads

And that’s all, now you have this downloaded video you can watch without ad interruptions or any online streaming problem at all. So give this downloader a try today and enjoy an ad-free experience.

Part 4: FAQs

Q. Can I watch Tubi without ads?

Tubi is free streaming supported by ads, so it is unlikely to watch Tubi without ads on the website. Although Tubi itself plays ads, you can avoid this by using CleverGet Tubi Video Downloader to download and enjoy Tubi videos offline without ad interference.

Q. Does Tubi have ads throughout the movie?

Tubi puts ads before and during the videos in breaks that last 1-2 minutes every 15-20 minutes on average. So there are ads, but they are spaced out versus constant ads through the full length.

Q. Are Tubi ads targeted?

Tubi ads are not personalized or targeted based on individual user profiles since no personal information is collected. Ads shown are generalized depending on the video content itself versus targeting viewers individually.

Q. Is Tubi TV 100% free?

Yes, Tubi TV is 100% free for users in terms of streaming its content, as well as for visiting the site to browse for videos. Instead of relying on subscriptions from users, they earn money through advertisements to offset the cost of procuring licenses for all the movies and shows.


While Tubi offers a great free library of movies and shows, the ads shown during playback can disrupt the viewing experience at times. This is understandable as ads are how Tubi can license so much content without charging monthly fees. Fortunately, there is now an excellent solution thanks to CleverGet Tubi Downloader. By downloading videos directly from the platform, you can bypass the ads and enjoy commercial-free viewing anytime later. It’s a great way to keep using the free Tubi service while also avoiding the promotional breaks between shows and films.



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