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5 Best Disney+ Video Downloaders for macOS 10.14…/12

If you want to watch Marvel Studios, National Geographic, Pixar Movies, and good old Disney fairytales content, you do not go to Netflix. You go to Disney Plus, which is the home of all that content. Disney Plus is a very strong Netflix competitor and hosts a significant portion of Disney’s massive content archive, as well as content from Marvel Studios, National Geographic, and Pixar. Here is this post, we’d like to introduce 5 best Disney Plus video downloaders for exclusively macOS users to save their fav movies/videos for offline enjoyment!

Part 1: Can you download movies on Disney+ on Mac?

Downloading any kind of content for off-line playback is very ideal in cases where you want to travel, or if your internet connection is too slow for streaming without buffering. Basically, the reasons why you would want to download for offline playback will vary depending with your own needs. Therefore, can you download on Disney Plus? The answer is yes, if you have a mobile device running Android or iOS, since the mobile apps support it.

Can you download on Disney Plus for macOS? Unfortunately, no, you cannot download from Disney Plus on macOS, as there is no existing Disney Plus app for Mac and Windows, although you can still stream the content directly from the Disney Plus website. While that is a bummer, Disney Plus streamers who use desktop operating systems often ask “can you watch Disney Plus offline?” on those platforms. Thankfully, there are workarounds, and we believe we have the perfect solution for you. Therefore, proceed to the next page to find out how to watch Disney Plus on MacBook.

Part 2: The best Disney+ Video Downloader for Mac & How to use?

As a streaming service that is packed with content from Marvel Studios, National Geographic, Pixar and Disney itself, there is plenty to watch on Disney Plus. Because services like Disney will not allow you to download content for offline playback on desktop devices (which in this case includes macOS), you would need an advanced solution. The perfect solution we have for you in this case is CleverGet Disney+ Downloader, an advanced and high performance downloader designed for Disney Plus. If you use a macOS computer and Disney+, then this app is a must have for you. Before we show you how to download movies on Disney Plus on Mac, check out the features;

  • CleverGet Disney+ Downloader
  • CleverGet Disney+ Downloader

    Support Disney+ Videos and Shows Download
    Download Up to 4K/1080P Disney+ Movies/TV Series
    Save Disney+ Videos/Movies in MP4 or MKV Format
    Select Any Subtitles/Audio Tracks for Downloading Videos
    Save Subtitles as SRT/SUP File or Pack into Output Videos

Now that you know about CleverGet Disney+ Downloader, how does it work? How to download movies on Disney Plus on Mac? How to watch Disney Plus on MacBook? We have outlined the steps you need to take below.

N.B. You can use the free trial version to download up to 3 videos, take a try at this program before deciding to purchase.

Step 1: Download and install this program

Launch the app, and login to your Disney+ account from the main page (where you should enter your username and password.

disney plus downloader

Step 2: Locate the target Disney+ video URL

Make sure that you’ve entered the window where is playing the video.

disney plus downloader

Step 3: Select the target video from the available list

When you locate the URL, the application will automatically fetch all the available data, from where you can choose the downloading options.

disney plus downloader

Step 4: Start to download video

After you confirm your options, simply click the download button to initiate the download.

disney plus downloader

If you need a regular video downloader, which is by far the best in the game, with support for 1000+ websites, then you can try the regular CleverGet Video Downloader. It has a host of other features which you can read from the product page. Similar to CleverGet Disney Plus downloader, modules for other streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max and Hulu are available for download.

Part 3: Other 4 recommended Disney+ Video Downloaders for Mac

CleverGet Disney+ Downloader is the best in its category, but at the same time it faces competition from other Disney Plus enabled downloaders. These are some of the other recommended Disney+ video downloaders that you could also try;

1. DispCam

This software, which is available for both Windows and macOS allows you to download and save Disney Plus content for offline viewing. You can download Disney Plus videos in 720p quality, which could be a turn off for some, but okay for other users. DispCam will also allow you to download Disney+ videos with multiple audio tracks and subtitles tracks kept, and SRT subtitles can be saved separately if needed. There are three different subscriptions that are possible to buy from Dispcam. There is a monthly, yearly and lifetime subscription, with the monthly going for $14.95, and the yearly subscription going for $129.90.

disney plus downloader

2. Audials Movie downloader

Another software that works great as a Disney Plus downloader is a recorder, such as Audials Movie. It is no ordinary screen recording tool, but it comes with advanced functionality and features that makes the recording easier and much more effective. Typically, many screen recorders adjust the recording quality according to the screen size of the user, but that is not the case with Audials Movie, which makes adjustments according to what you set. That means, this recorder can record at more than 720p, which is the case with DispCam. Other smart features of this software include automatic search for movie tags, and its ability to automatically select the optimal frame rate. However, keep in mind that this is a recording application, which means you might not be able to do other tasks on your computer. It will cost $39.99 a year.

disney plus downloader

3. StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader

This is another good Disney Plus downloader that you can try to download content from Disney Plus. Not only does this software support Disney Plus, it also supports Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu. The downloaded videos can be saved in 720p HD quality, as well as Atmos/ EA3 5.1 audio. With Batch mode, you can also download more with fewer clicks, which should save you time. Another cool option that comes with this software is its ability to save subtitles as SRT files or remux video. This software is available for both Windows and macOS, and it will set you back $39.99 a year.

disney plus downloader

Pazu Disney Plus Video Downloader

This is the last of the recommended Disney Plus video downloaders available for you to try. Just like the three other Disney Plus above it, it will save the downloaded videos into 720p HD quality, in the MP4 and MKV file formats. You can also select any audio tracks from the ones available, and you can choose to save any subtitles you want into the SRT format. Pazu is available for both Windows and macOS, and it costs $59.99 a year for the license.

disney plus downloader

As you can see from the information above about other Disney Plus app for Mac which are designed for downloading content from the streaming giant, CleverGet is the only one which can download in 1080p. Therefore, we recommend you to try CleverGet today!


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