Download Any Video From U-NEXT and H-NEXT

As the best U-NEXT video downloader, CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader could download any video from and website, like cartoon, action movie, regular video, drama, etc. Download videos from U-NEXT and H-NEXT to watch offline at will.

Download TV Show Episodes in All Seasons Individually or Entire Seasons from U-Next

It's an old fashion to download TV series by episode. CleverGet U-Next Downloader could detect all related TV episodes and download multiple TV episodes/seasons in one-click.

Download U-Next and H-Next Videos at Up to 1080P

CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader could download U-NEXT and H-NEXT Videos at up to 1080P resolution as long as source U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos offer 1080P quality for downloading. Watch U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos offline at HD quality.

Download U-NEXT and H-NEXT Videos to MP4/MKV Files for Any Player

CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader could download and save U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos to MP4/MKV files upon personal needs. Watch and play U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos on any media device or player.

Download U-NEXT and H-NEXT Videos with Selected Subtitles and Audio Tracks

This U-NEXT video downloader could detect and display all available subtitles and audio tracks from source U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos for downloading. Watch U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos offline in familiar language.

Pack Subtitles into Video or Save as SRT/SUP Files

CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader could pack subtitles into output video if Remux into File option is checked, otherwise the subtitles will be saved in SRT/SUP files independently.

Download U-NEXT and H-NEXT Video with Detailed Media Information

CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader lists media information including title, length, quality, bit rate, output format, subtitles, audio tracks, etc. Download U-NEXT and H-NEXT video with detailed media information for convenient offline management.

How does it work


Log into


Parse target U-NEXT video


Choose download options


Download U-NEXT video

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Note: Make sure you have accessed to the playback page of target video within CleverGet for downloading.

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Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and above


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Supported Output formats: MP4/MKV (video), SRT/SUP (subtitle)

Fair Use Policy: CleverGet only allows video downloading for personal needs. Sharing content downloaded with CleverGet with any third party or for business purpose is strictly not allowed.

What a brilliant software tool. Downloaded several movies from at 1080P and watched them well on my flight. Really did a great favor.

Amilton PG Tucker

This software is quite clever. Easy to use and fast to download and install. The video downloading process is quite quick and not complicated. A trustworthy online video downloader.

Hustom Manning

I used to watch movies online quite often, and this CleverGet helped me a lot in saving online movies from various sites to my laptop so I can watch them offline anytime anywhere. Very useful to me.

Michae Mann


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